Breast tissue

Breast tissue

A gentle, relaxing treatment.

improves blood circulation and lymph flow,
reduction of local breast complaints,
relaxation, discharge of emotions,
• longer-term preventive breast health.

I work with osteopathic techniques specially developed for the female breast. I stimulate the body’s self-healing ability. Callosity are treated, which improves the quality of the breast tissue and makes it supple and elastic again. If there is inflammation and a lot of waste products, it can be sensitive. During the treatment, I look after that the massage is pleasant for you. When the treatment is sensitive, it makes sense, because in many cases the worsening of the complaints can be prevented.

When to choose a breast tissue treatment:
• If you have pain complaints or sore spots in one or both breasts.
• In case of hardening, irregularities or swollen glands in the breast tissue.
• Painful breasts before / during your period.
• Diagnosed by a physician: small cysts, recurrent inflammation, mastitis, mastopathy and fibroadenomas.
• In preparation for your pregnancy and / or if you want to breastfeed.
• For painful scar tissue.
• When you have postoperative complaints or hardening after the radiation.
• When you are concerned about your breasts and want to gain more insight into them.
• If you have questions about proper breast care.
• When you find it difficult to accept your breasts and your femininity and / or you feel that your breasts do not belong.
• When you have been through a lot, your breasts store emotions, it is good to discharge them.
• As a wellness treatment. The breast tissue treatment is a blessing for your overall feeling of well-being.

Breasts are a barometer of how you are doing. Do you feel relaxed or not, it will be reflected in your breasts. Trauma you have experienced can sometimes be found in your breasts, I can help you release this tension.

Breasts shouldn’t hurt. A breast tissue treatment can help you to bring and keep your breasts in optimal condition in a gentle and natural way. In case of serious breast complaints and when in doubt, always go to your doctor first, then I will be happy to help you.