Moxa is an abbreviation of the Japanese word “mo ku sa” which means “burning herb”. Moxa is made from the herb Artemisia vulgaris (mugwort).
With a moxa treatment you lead heat energy to an acupuncture point with the aim to eliminate a shortage of Ki (life energy) by promoting the circulation of blood and Ki flow.
Moxa comes from Eastern medicine and is an easy way to replenish your energy. This usually gives a pleasant sensation of heat entering the body.

Breech presentation
Scientific research has shown that moxa therapy increases the chance that the child will spontaneously turn from 50% to 75%.
The moxa therapy provides warming (Yang) energy in the pelvis. This provides movement in the pelvis, where the uterus is located. This can also causes the baby to move and turn.
The moxa therapy improves blood flow in the uterus. As a result, the uterus matures better and it is more likely that the baby will turn spontaneously.
Pregnant women with a breech baby can start moxa therapy from the 33rd week. This treatment is very simple and can also be performed at home. I teach the partner how to activate two points on the feet with moxa. This is because pregnant women can no longer easily reach their feet during that period of pregnancy. The moxa therapy must be repeated daily for two weeks.

Remote treatment
If you also opt for shiatsu treatments, you have even more chance that the child will turn. Treatment via skype available.


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