Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), activates the lymphatic system, the purpose of this massage is to purify and regenerate this extremely essential drainage system.

Unlike many other forms of massage, MLD consists of a light touch of the skin and the tissues immediately below it. The gentle, sliding and pumping movements increase the flow of the lymph through the body. MLD may feel soft, but the effect on the disposal of stored waste is great.

Lymph is a colorless liquid that can be found almost anywhere in the body. From the tissues it collects in ever-expanding drainage channels, the lymphatic ducts, which eventually flow into the blood vessel system. There are concentrations of lymph nodes in certain places in the lymphatic system, namely under the armpits, in the groin and in the neck. These concentrations are very important for the body’s defense function.

Other important functions of the lymphatic system are the removal of excess fluid and the transport of waste products from the tissue.
MLD promotes the removal of waste products so that cell metabolism can improve.

The burden on the lymphatic system is great in our Western society. Lack of exercise, stress, an unhealthy diet (too much sugar, too much fat) lead to an accumulation of waste products that can have a pathogenic effect. A lymphatic system that is overloaded and contaminated can manifest itself in, among other things, chronic fatigue or chronic infections, headaches or migraines, high blood pressure, swollen and / or painful legs, skin problems and disorders of rheumatic nature.

MLD provides relaxation by activating the relaxing part of the nervous system, the parasympathetic system. As a result, MLD also works very well with trauma processing and burnout.