I am very grateful for the sessions at Alma Timmer. Due to lung covid I suffered from severe fatigue and she helped me immensely with that. The sessions were always tailored to the needs of my body and the effect was immediately felt. The days after a session I had more energy and during the weeks of the treatment this got longer and longer. She has also been very helpful in improving my breathing and identifying important areas in my body where the energy is trapped. I highly recommend stopping by and experiencing what Alma is doing, as your body reacts instantly.Hannah Wilson

The treatments I have received from Alma have been very effective. It is special to see the effect of touch on old trauma and chronic physical challenges.
Johan, Veenendaal

Alma, I have experienced your shiatsu treatment as very beneficial. I could already feel the energy flowing through my whole body during the massage and afterwards I felt energized and relaxed at the same time. Furthermore, I am impressed with your extensive knowledge in the complementary medicine field. I felt seen in the nature of my complaints and will definitely follow your nutrition and health tips! I would love to come back again for a few more treatments.
Theo Nijssen

I hated waking up multiple times every night to urinate. Coincidentally, I came across Alma. I now regularly visit her for a shiatsu treatment. She feels good about me and I benefit greatly from her treatments. I can now sleep much better and luckily I don’t have to get out that often anymore.

I got to know Alma as a nice person and a skilled therapist. Alma intuitively senses what you need. She helped me with my complaints in a few sessions. I enjoyed going to the appointments, because we also went through life together during the treatment. I wish everyone the magical hands and words of Alma!
Koj Kamphuis

The complaints for which I was treated by Alma were “restless legs”. It kept me awake. I had already undergone all kinds of treatments (up to the hospital) and nothing helped me. Of course I also looked on the Internet and eventually found Alma’s site. The first consultation immediately provided relief. I was impressed by the care (warm stones in my hands, a warm blanket around me) and the full attention with which she started the treatment in peace. I also received all kinds of tips for support. It all felt very familiar and I went back a few more times. If I need it, I don’t hesitate and make a new appointment.
Joke Janssen

I went to Alma a while back for a series of treatments and then every now and then for a check up. Alma is very knowledgeable and I have also seen how her expertise has expanded over the years. It is also nice to receive a treatment, it gives a lot of relaxation. Once I was very surprised at the immediate result. I came to her early in the morning. I had a lot on the program that day, but I felt very tired. She gave me a treatment on my immune system. I was able to do everything that day and was no longer tired at all. Treatments such as Alma’s can be very supportive of your recovery and personal development process. I recommend it to everyone!

Alma is knowledgeable, open, interested with a soft smile and a nice lightness. She has a holistic approach, a broad knowledge of methods / techniques and a practical approach. She has a good sense of what is needed at the moment and her treatments are always effective. I can recommend her if, for example, you are not feeling well, have little energy, want to work on events from the past or want to come to yourself more.

I have had consultations several times over the years and each time I am amazed at what a “small” touch can bring about. Blockages that I get stuck on myself, Alma can let flow again and I go home with a lighter feeling.

The treatments I received from you gave me a lot of insight about myself. It helped me in my personal development.
More to fathom who I am at my core.
It also confirmed things that were present in me and touched by you that made me aware of them. This made latent unconscious things tangible and manageable.
Your treatments are straightforward and down to earth, but therefore subtle and clear.
Thanks for the steps you helped me take with your treatments! This allowed me to take the following steps myself.
Wilco De Bruijn

Contact: shiatsu.massage.wageningen@gmail.com