Qigong for healthy breasts

More Energy

Systemic constellations

I have the following workshop/training available:

– Breast tissue therapy (5 days)

– Lymphatic therapy focused on the breast tissue (4 days)

– How to treat trauma (1 or more days)

– How to treat problems with the nervus vagus (1 or more days)

– Qigong Sensorische Therapy (half a day after this a 10-week follow-up online)

– Workshop hara diagnosis (1 day)

– The 8 curious vessels (4 days)

– Systemic constellations (1 or more days)

– More live energy, learn to circulate your energy in your body and how to power your organs with live energy (CHI) (1 day)

– Qigong for hearty breasts (2 hours or 1 day)

– Medical Qigong (2 hours or 1 day) see Medical Qigong

For more info: