Trauma processing

Every person experiences unpleasant, major and sometimes even shocking events.
A major event is an unusual experience that makes you unstable. Sometimes, a major events is also called a traumatic experience. You can state that you get a psychological wound from traumatic experiences. Psychological wounds (traumas) rarely get the attention they deserve. We are inclined to supress pain and when that happens, it is going to express itself in tensions and mental and physical complaints.

Examples of major events are:
• problematic childhood experiences,
• long-lasting arguments and conflicts
• burn out,
• death of a loved one,
• divorce,
• to be a victim or witness of abuse/serious violent crime, (seeing) senseless violence,
• to be a victim or witness of domestic violence,
• to be a victim or witness of sexual offense: sexual assault, rape, pedophilia, incest,
• serious/long-term illness/hospitalization/operation,
• traffic accidents (possibly resulting in chronic pain),
• war experiences,
• natural disasters (earthquakes, storms, fires),
• train, ship or aircraft accidents/disasters.

Not only the severity of the situation, but also previous experiences determine the extent to which the shock is experienced. For the processing of trauma I often use Shiatsu, EFT, (Emotional Freedom Techniques), CNT (= Chi Nei Tsang, organ massage) or systemic (womb) constellation(s).