Shiatsu Burnout Recovery Plan

What are we going to work on:

• feel better
• how to deal with the tasks that become too much for you
• help how to prevent ‘overload’
• help how to become powerful again to limit the demands and learn to indicate your limits
• help on how to approach the demands/tasks differently so that they cause less stress
• help how you can enjoy your work and your life again

In the Shiatsu Burn out recovery program you will learn:

• how to distance yourself from work and relax
• choose a meaningful and energizing daily routine if you have little energy
• identify stressors
• looking for solutions when stressed: what can be changed, on your environment or on yourself
• what things are you going through
• to learn to listen to your body and to guard your boundaries
• build self-confidence based on the things you can do
• how to convince your employer to take away chronic work stress
• assess whether your job as well as the working environment suit you
• define what you want and what you don’t want

• A 55-minute session every week for the first 12 weeks.
• During the session I work coaching and I teach shiatsu.
• I will make an inventory of where the client gets stuck and in which areas she needs support. It turns out that people who get stuck in their daily lives have stagnant meridians and an overstimulated nervous system.
• I give exercises and assignments to work on your recovery at home.
• In the first 12 weeks it is very important to treat weekly so that blockages can be cleared, after that we go every other week, the expectation is that the client is then able to do more himself and stand on his own two feet.

This program can also be followed online.